Warriors Legacy Self Defense (Personal Training)

AMAC Warriors Legacy Self Defense (Personal Training) Instructors:

Sifu/Guro Alan BakerIris Rousseau

The Warriors Legacy Self Defense program at AMAC is designed to teach effective self defense in multiple environments. The goal of the program is to train students in intelligent real world applications for self defense. Your overall goal is to finish an encounter effectively and decisively so that you can go home to your family.

AMAC's Warriors Legacy Self Defense Program

What is the Warriors Legacy Self Defense Program? The Warriors Legacy Self Defense program at AMAC is designed to teach effective self defense in multiple environments. Based on the background and experience of Sifu Alan Baker the program combines elements from multiple martial arts, defensive tactics and self defense systems. It offers training in all areas of combat. The Warriors Legacy program will teach the details and energy of each move so the student can obtain a greater understanding of what is being taught. This is important for the student that might be a little older or not in peak physical condition. Sifu Alan has students in his class from their 20s to their 70s. This is due to his strong focus on training safety and intelligent study. We come together to train with each other, not ON each other.

In the tactical training field Sifu Baker and his team have taught countermeasures and defensive tactics, firearms, and edged-weapon programs through his AMAC Tactical Training Group to Fortune 50 corporate security teams and law enforcement / SWAT teams throughout the United States from the Marietta SWAT team here in Georgia to the Cincinnati SWAT team and the California Highway Patrol unit just to name a few.

He has been privileged to work with and design training programs for the Department of Defense, CIA, and other specialized government and military groups. Sifu Baker is a certified Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) and the Defensive Tactics Instructor for The Executive Protection Institute (EPI) in Clarke County, Virginia, where he created a specialized defensive tactics program for Protection Agents (Bodyguards).

All of this experience and training has been collectively brought together into AMAC’s Warriors Legacy Self Defense program to give you one of the best training programs available.

The Warriors Legacy Self Defense Program is a Phase Program There are 3 ranks per phase

Phase One

  • yellow - Orange - Blue

Phase Two

  • Green - Purple - Brown

Phase Three

  • Red 1 - Red 2 - Black

Phase Four Advanced Training

  • Black 1-2-3

Phase Five Mastery Path Training

  • Black 4-5-6

Areas of Training

  • Body Mechanics, intelligent placement of the body & Foot Work

  • Striking with multiple tools

  • Covers & Shielding, Line and angle study

  • Combinations

  • Pummeling & Infighting

  • Takedowns & Breakdowns

  • Ground Fighting (Long range ground defense)

  • Counter Grappling (Mid range ground defense)

  • Grappling (Close range ground defense)

  • Environment Training

  • Drills and sparring

  • Fighting strategy study

  • Urban weapons

Instructor ranking is separate from student ranking. ASDP Instructor Rankings:

  • Apprentice Instructor
  • Associate Instructor
  • Senior Instructor
  • Full Instructor
  • Master Instructor

> We are one of the few schools that have programs that focus on the Professional adult. You will not be in a classroom full of kids; they have their own program separate from the adults. Our programs are organized, safe and ran in a manner where your personal development is the priority. Trained correctly a student can gain a lifetime of benefit from the martial arts, come in and start your journey of fun physical fitness and personal development. - Sifu Alan Baker



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