Wing Chun Kung Fu camp & workshops

Postedon July 16th, 2017 by Sifu

The Francis Fong Instructor Association just finished a two day instructor training camp at the main training center in Atlanta Georgia. The event had affiliate instructors training Wing Chun with Sifu Francis Fong for three days covering subjects like weapons, the wooden dummy form as well as the three main forms of the system. I got to attend all three days which is always an outstanding experience full of a tremendous amount of knowledge. There's always gets me fired up for the Wing Chun Kung Fu workshops that we do here at AMAC. We have been holding these workshops about every 30 or 40 days at the school for students that are interested in learning the system. If you are a student or a nonstudent and you are interested in learning this fantastic system contact the office for more information on the workshop series.