Fitness Kickboxing

AMAC Fitness Kickboxing Instructors:

Iris Mathews

The AMAC Fitness Kickboxing is an easy and fun way for you to lose weight, burn calories and get stronger. Knock out boredom and blast fat all over the body with these muscle‐sculpting kickboxing and interval training exercise moves.

The workout

The workout has you punching and kicking at heavy bags, plus you will do exercises that will give you a full body cardio workout that will melt away fat and tone up muscle everywhere to make you a better you. This class does not have contact between participants so you have no worries about getting punched at.

In addition to transforming your body, you will release stress and improve your overall well‐being. The program will challenge you mentally, physically and emotionally As you become stronger you'll become more confident. Practicing kickboxing moves can also help to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.

Our focus is to give you the best individual or group training experience in the industry. Our instructors want to help you conquer your personal goals and set you up for success in your life. We also offer specialized private training sessions for those who are looking for a one‐on‐one training option.

Sessions are also offered in a personal training format with an individual or a small group. There are countless benefits to training with a personal trainer. People of any age and experience level can see better results and live a healthier lifestyle. A personal trainer will help create a unique workout plan to fit your individual needs and goals, and can accommodate an injury or other obstacle that might otherwise prevent you from training or exercising. For more information about our personal training sessions call Iris at 770-926-3030



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