AMAC's Qigong Program (Personal Training)

AMAC AMAC's Qigong Program (Personal Training) Instructors:

Sifu Alan Baker

Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care and personal maintenance system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques, mental direction and focused intention.

The word Qigong is made up of two Chinese words. Qi is pronounced chee and is usually translated to mean the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe. The second word, Gong, pronounced gung, means accomplishment, work or skill that is cultivated through steady regular practice. Together, Qigong means cultivating energy, it is a system practiced for health maintenance, healing and increasing vitality.

The AMAC Qigong / Chi Kung Personal Training Program

The practice of qigong helps manage the stress, anger, depression, morbid thoughts, and general confusion that prey on your mind when your chi is not regulated and balanced.

Because qigong includes both dynamic and gentle techniques that can be practiced from standing, seated, or supine postures, it is suitable for young and old. Practices can be tailored to individual needs making it an ideal aid to recovery from illness or injury. Qigong is a form of complementary medicine. It works well with other forms of therapy and should never be used as a substitute for necessary treatment by a physician.



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