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Real-World Self Defense

The Defense Lab Program is a Non-Sport, reality based, street self defense system. Most sport based, traditional martial arts programs do little to prepare you for a real world violent confrontation that happens where you least expect it. This is why DefenceLab Programs are instinctual, easy to learn, and addresses the problems you face in todays world.

Reality demands practical, no nonsense solutions that can be used by you. DefenceLab you will learn the truth about what really works & why through reality based scenarios and drills. Learn increased awareness, verbal de-escalation techniques, and conflict psychology as well as hand-to-hand combatives, counter & anti grappling and weapons disarms. Gain real confidence in your ability to take care of yourself and the ones you love when and where it will count.

One of the reasons we have added the DefenceLab programs to our schedule is its ability to teach you how to handle multiple opponents at the same time. It is not uncommon when you have to deal with a conflict on the street that you will have to deal with two or more opponents. The Defense Lab Program is very effective against multiple attackers and in tight places, against a wall, in a tight hallway, sitting at a table. Because of its aggressive and powerful movements it has become sought-after in the law enforcement field and the personal protection (bodyguard) fields. If it is working for them then you know it will be effective for you.

The DefenceLab program is designed to work for everyone. No matter if your short or tall, small or big, young or old, the information and training will adapts to you. Everyone has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones, so come see what you've been missing! Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, DefenceLab is a modern day reality-based system that is designed to teach practical self defense in a reasonable timeframe

Defence Lab is about what I have always envisaged, “A LAB of investigation”... the scientific study of mental and physical motion. The Lab is a free thinking zone; the Lab has always been, and will continue to be a melting pot of creativity, fuelled by great minds that are stimulated by artistic interactivity. The Lab is a place where new discoveries have been, and will continue to be made; a place where everybody has a sense of belonging

  • Not just a simple martial art that you learn, but rather a way of provoking self-analysis
  • Studying the human, its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual structures, strengths and weaknesses
  • Constantly provoking questions that stimulate the quest for self- truths
  • Relentlessly questioning conditioned boundaries
  • Helping you to challenge & discover... YOU!!
  • - Andy Norman


7:40pm - 8:30pm Mon, Wed, Fri

DL Instructors

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" We study violence so as to escape it, prevent it, and if all else fails, utilise it ourselves to survive. "

Defense Lab's Street Dynamics at AMAC

DefenceLab was founded and created by Andy Norman. Andy is known as being the Co-Founder of the Keysi Fighting Method until he decided to peruse the development of the DefenceLab programs. AMAC’s DefenceLab program head was one of the first black level instructors for KFM as well as in DefenceLab in the United States. One of the things that separates this program from most other martial arts systems is a study of multiple opponents fighting.

It is also very unique in his training methods for developing stress inoculation in it’s students. It has the ability to slowly over time increase the level of stress in the various drills to increase what the student is able to handle while under pressure. Training is not just about Self Defense but a journey of self discovery and investigation. It is a dynamic approach to the world of Personal Defense concentrating both on the physical and emotional sides of combat. The Training takes a much closer look into the arena of self-truth and it quickly eradicates all myths and fantasies that surround the field of self protection.

Realistic Scenario Training

Another training method that is very unique to the system is it’s various scenario training. You will train to deal with an attack from unusual positions like; sitting in a table, sitting in the car, pinned against the wall and a variety of other scenarios that are generally not look that in most martial arts or self defense systems. DefenceLab is dedicated towards the study and investigation of survival in the modern day urban environment. Many of these drills are trained against multiple opponents, You will learn to take the techniques you have ingrained and apply them in various levels of stress drills. Stress inoculation is built up slowly in class in order to maintain a high level of safety as you develop your skill set. We understand training injuries is not an option for the professional adult.

Training With Multiple Opponents

Multiple opponent training is something you will do in the DL class right from the start of the program. During the training with different partners we have a constant interchange of physical and tactile messaging, but we need to learn how to read and decipher these messages. We need to understand how the opponents move, how they look at us, how they react to our provocations; all these messages tell us who our opponents really are.

By constantly training in a live atmosphere, we absorb a different perception of movement and tactile response triggers. There is no other way to attain this ability than to actually “play” within a live arena. Training with multiple opponents also quickly raises obvious questions, but these questions elude most, simply because they never step out of their comfort zone. Questions with regards to timing, efficiency of movement, striking more than one opponent simultaneously; these kinds of very simplistic problems come to light very quickly, and of course if you are “listening” to these questions, you will quickly start to try and resolve the problems encountered; this is the unconditioned inquisitive investigation process that fuels new possibilities, these possibilities then need to be studied in isolation before throwing them back into the “mix”

Be “Street Smart” & Implement the 3 - I’s

Primal reactive instinct is our ultimate built-In survival mechanism. It needs no thought, no training and is therefore auto responsive.
Survival of self is the greatest of all human urges; our objective, greater development of the action/reaction response mechanism, turning what would normally be classed as defensive reactions into dynamic and ballistic defense in attack reactions.
DefenceLAB training methods are founded and driven towards the cultivation of Human Instinct

Gut instinct is the number one teller... even before you see or hear anything; many times that strange sixth sense lets you know something doesn’t feel right... this is the most powerful indicator you have towards the preservation of self!!
Your “Sixth sense” is truly your best friend; it knows what is best for you, listen to it very carefully, as it’s seldom wrong.
Intuitive avoidance; you can read what’s coming; knowing when it’s time to move away, leave the pub, cross the road etc.

Emotional Instinct: Impulsive emotion can be dangerous; this is why your ability to control your emotions (EQ) is a vital area of study.
DefenceLAB is Intelligent self-defense (ISD) personified; it deals with the physical, mental and emotional realities of human violence;
Control of one's emotions is a great skill that transcends in to all walks of daily life; personal relations, social relations and business relations. This same emotional control (ability) is the KEY to diffusing a potentially volatile and/or even life threatening situation.
Having an answer if you really need it; means you actually know what to do as a consequence of intelligent training methods.
DefenceLAB arms you with the skill and knowledge of how to deal with street violence in a swift and ballistic manner

Urban/Improvised Weapons Training

you will learn to use every day carry items as weapons theses are things you have on your person and can use at a moments notice. Our students will learn to use tools such as pocket knives, pens, keys, cellphones and other items that are commonly carried on your person throughout your normal day.
You will also study additional items that can be added to your every day carry such as specialized technical pins, Tactical flashlights and modified jewelry. Defending against various weapons is also covered in the program, today’s culture is centered around the use of weapons in conflict so in order to be prepared students have to study the various possibilities of armed attacks.


Defense Lab studies all ranges of combat:

All ranges of empty hand defense of training our study in this program.


Supplemental Tactical Weapons Training

AMAC’s Chief Instructor has been involved with teaching multiple law enforcement, security and military agencies In his specialized defensive tactics & countermeasure programs for years. From this experience and background he has developed the Tactical Training Devision of AMAC. AMAC Tactical has multiple real world tactical training programs that deal with firearm disarms, bladed weapons and urban weapons both defensively and offensively in urban enviroments

This information is interwoven into the basic & advanced DefenceLab curriculum here at the school. this is to insure that the student receives current state-of-the-art training in the area of weapon manipulation and disarming tactics. Training in these programs will prepare the students with the abilities To take everyday objects and use them As weapons when placed in a self defense situation.

Adding the AMACTactical programs to the curriculum gives the Defense Lab student the opportunity to develop effective gun, knife and blunt instrument countermeasures or disarms. Since it is part of the DL curriculum these techniques can be ingrained with the training the student is already developing in the class.


A few words from Andy Norman

We are all students of mental inquisitiveness and physical motion; pressing mental and physical boundaries is in our genetic makeup; embrace it and work with it, you never really know what resides within you, or what you are truly capable of until you push beyond where you know you are surely comfortable

I have personally spent all of my adult lifetime studying the human body in motion; and with it, trying to find mental clarity and efficiency and practicality within physical application.

Opening the mind is one of the greatest challenges we must all battle with, this is not an easy thing to do; creative thinking can only occur when you are genuinely not bound by pre- condition thought processes. Once you are able to truly crack the shell of resistance, visual inspirations will begin to flow through your mind; a river of new and provoking thoughts. You will begin to see and perceive things in a completely different light, things that most people are unable to see, hence cannot begin to comprehend; this is due to conditioned resistance.

The DefenceLAB; I hope the constantly evolving information will continue to inspire and influence your own personal development as well as the way in which you teach and transmit self-defence to the main stream martial art sector.
The distinct mental and physical methodologies that actually form the core of the DefenceLAB curriculum and lifestyle approach are deeply profound and unambiguously distinctive; this is what separates DefenceLAB from all other styles of classical self-defence; its unique and vibrant expressions.

At the forefront of creative thinking and pioneering development strategies, the DefenceLAB curriculum will keep you more than intrigued, thus provoking an inquisitive and innovative culture
Andy Norman

Defense Lab North American Instructor Training Center

The Atlanta Martial Arts Center of Woodstock GA is one of only two North American Instructor Training Centers for Defense Lab programs. AMAC has been at the forefront of defense labs entry into the United States. We were one of the first schools in the US to offer the program and we continue being one of the top training centers in North America. Our chief instructor is one of the highest ranking DL instructors in the United States and is responsible for instructor development around the US.

If you are looking to become certified to teach DefenceLab programs contact the school, we host Instructor training events throughout the year.

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