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Effective self defense & fitness training for you and your family

Located in Woodstock GA on exit 7, just off of 575, the Atlanta Martial Arts & Fitness Center (AMAC) is one of the premier teaching facilities for reality based self defense, martial arts, and personal safety in the United States.

Whey you attend classes at AMAC you will learn one of the most complete training curriculums available anywhere in this area. With an overall focus on effective self-defense, you will receive instruction in some of the most proven effective martial arts available in the world today. Our goal is to give you the most effective self defense so you can protect yourself and your family as you improve your overall fitness and well-being through the martial arts lifestyle.

AMAC fosters a organized safe, professional atmosphere in its classes for you and your family to train. Due to this you will see in our classrooms many professional adults striving for personal development and growth, as they get in the best shape of their lives.

If you are considering getting into the martial arts for fitness or personal defense / self defense, give the academy a call now at 770-926-3030 and we will arrange an introductory lesson for you at the academy with one of our instructors.


Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes - Defense Lab Self-Defense Classes - Private Training Program

We also offer a variety of tactical training opportunities at a civilian level that are derived from the various tactical experience mentioned above. This gives the opportunity to learn real world applications in multiple areas, something that is uncommon in most martial arts schools. Overall our goal is to help teach you to defend yourself and your familyIn today's ever-changing world.

Certified Instruction

AMAC is not only a member of some of the most prestigious associations in the martial arts and personal protection community, but is often the regional training center for most of them. We play host to some of the foremost martial arts instructors in the industry on a regular basis throughout the year. We bring them to you the student so you don’t have to travel for this high level exposure to some of the best in the industry. One example of this is our affiliation with the Pedro Sauer Jiu-Jitsu Association, AMAC is the only school in this area to be a certified training center/affiliate with Master Pedro Sauer.